Bioware Releases Trailer for Timed-Exclusive Dragon Age DLC

Bioware has released a trailer for Dragon Age: Inquisition’s new DLC titled “Jaws of Hakkon.”

The DLC, now available for PC and Xbox One users, follows the Inquisition as they learn more about a conflict the original Inquisition took part in over 800 years prior to the game proper.

Jaws of Hakkon is only available now to PC and Xbox One users, but Bioware has given no word as to when the content will be available to those playing on PlayStation 4 or last-gen consoles.

Bioware Releases Trailer for Timed-Exclusive Dragon Age DLC

Inquisition won Gaming Trend’s Game of the Year award for 2014, but despite much success, Bioware won’t be releasing a new Dragon Age game this year, and won’t make it a template for the upcoming Mass Effect game.

Dragon Age’s lead writer David Gaider announced that he would be leaving the series for a new project within Bioware.

For more on Inquisition, check out our spoilercast and thoughts on the game’s portrayal of LGBT characters.

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